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    U.k, Canada, Europe, Usa

    Falcon Express (Private) Limited now provide services and consultancy for U.K, USA, Canada, Australia, NewZealand, Europe & Turkey. For more information and details please click on appropriate link.


    Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand

    Falcon Express (Pvt.) Ltd now have started visa assistance services and tour packages for Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand or click the appropriate link on our website. For More information and details please contact (051) 111 786 280 or Mobile 0304 1117860.


    Ferrari World

    The world's first Ferrari Theme Park with world fastest roller coaster, speed upto 240km/h. More than 20 exhilarating and educational rides and attrections.


    Yas Waterworld

    An unforgettable adventure for families and friends. The world's most advanced water theme park.


    Desert Safari (dubai)

    The most beautiful and memorable experience and jouey through  the Arabian Desert.



    Abu Dhabi City Tour

    Discover the wonders of Abu Dhabi, impressive palaces, beautiful Beaches.

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